Giving your cat a tablet...

Having to give your cat a tablet can seem a daunting task if you have never done it before. Some cats will let you administer tablets without fuss, whereas others will act as though you are trying to poison them! Below is some advice and tips on how to give your cat a tablet with minimal fuss and aggravation for your cat.


By far the easiest way to get your cat to take its medicine is to put the tablet inside a treat. Your cat won't realise it's even having medicine. However, this is not ideal if your cat is on long-term medication, as too many treats can lead your cat to putting on weight.

EasyPill is a gum like substance that you can mould around the tablet, then give to your cat like a treat. You can usually pick this up at your Vets. Alternatively, as long as your vet gives the okay, you could put the tablet inside a treat, such as a cube of cheese.

Directly into Mouth

Another method to administer tablets is to pop it straight into your cats mouth. This can take a bit of practice, but generally both you and the cat will get used to this. 

  1. With one hand, hold the corners of your cats jaw with thumb and middle finger. Your hand should be covering the top of their head. Gently pull your cats head back until their mouth parts slightly.

  2. With the other hand, have the tablet between your thumb and second finger.

  3. Use your middle finger to pry open the bottom of their jaw. Placing your finger on the two small bottom teeth (incisors) should prevent you being bitten.

  4. Pop the tablet into their mouth as far back as possible. 

  5. Keeping the head tilted, gently stroke your cats neck to encourage them to swallow.

  6. Keep an eye on your cat once you let go to ensure they have swallowed the tablet.

Watch this Cats Protection video for further guidance and step-by-step instructions: