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What time do you visit?

Usually between 6am and 9pm. Clients can specify morning or afternoon visits, but we cannot guarantee specific times. A two-hour window is normally acceptable, except when timed medication is needed such as insulin injections.

How long do you spend on each visit?

We spend an average of 30 minutes on each visit in order to give all our furry friends a lot of cuddles and attention as well as attending to their meals and litter trays etc. We try to minimize the stress of being alone and base the amount of time we spend with the cat on the needs of that particular cat. House cats, and in particular single cats confined to the house with no other company or stimulation obviously require more attention, and we therefore spend longer with them.

What security precautions do you take while I'm away?

All our vehicles are privately owned and do not display any signs or advertisements as we do not want to advertise that you are away from home. We try to vary the time of our visits over the booked period. We take in the post or anything left on the doorstep or mailbox daily and place it out of view from the outside. We can alternate lights on and off within different rooms and open and close curtains on request. We also move any dustbins left on the pathway by the refuse collection.

What if my cat becomes unwell?

We will take your cat to its own vet if necessary, at our discretion. It's obviously important that you let us know of any existing ailments or problems every time you go away. On each occasion that you go away, you should inform your vet that your cats are being cared for by Kitty Kare, and that you will personally settle all bills on your return.

Should I leave my cat flap open?

This depends on the nature of the cat. Many cats happily come and go as they please and never wander very far. If you know that you can trust your cat not to wander, then it is best to keep the cat flap open and keep things as normal as possible. However, some cats have a tendency to wander, and this is often increased if the owner is away. For these cats, we advise confining them to the house for the time you are away or else boarding in a cattery. You know your cat better than anyone; therefore, ultimately, it is your decision.

Will you water my plants and garden?

We will water a reasonable number of house plants or outdoor tubs and planters at no extra charge. Watering larger gardens takes time away from other cats, so there may be an extra charge for this.

What happens if there are problems with locks, keys, or alarms?

If there are lock or key problems when we call, we will try to contact any designated key holder in the first instance. Our concern is always for the cats' welfare, so if there is no alternative, we will call a locksmith. If there are problems with alarms, if necessary, we will call an alarm engineer. It is essential that on every booking we are aware of any changes to code words/numbers for any alarms in case of problems. You should also provide us with the telephone number of your alarm engineer in case of any problem. Any charges made by third parties to rectify problems are the responsibility of the client.

Can you call every other day when I am away?

No. The well-being of your cat is our priority while it is in our care, and more than 24 hours between visits could be too long if the cat became sick or if any other problems developed. For your peace of mind - and our own - we visit daily during the period of your booking.

How do I pay?

Payment by cash or BACS is normally taken in advance. Payment is due 10 days before the start of the booking.
Bank details for BACS payments:
Sort code: 30-98-97
Account number: 39998362.
Please include your name and the invoice number as a reference. Thank you.

Anything else?

We are happy to answer any other questions you might have. Contact us by email or phone.
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