About us...

Jenny Cotterill (Owner/Manager)

All areas in Derby

Hello and welcome to Kitty Kare.  My name is Jenny.  I am the new proud owner of the business.  I was fortunate enough to purchase the business in May 2020 from Lesley after several years of working for and managing Kitty Kare.

I have worked at Scarsdale Vets since 2007 and have gained a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience of all animals.   I am looking forward to maintaining the fabulous work that has been put into Kitty Kare since 2002 and to work more closely with the wonderful team of trained and established cat sitters.  (Please see individual profiles below). 

I will of course still be caring for your beloved pets as before and giving them the love and attention they deserve while you are away from home. 

Lesley Phillips

Mickleover area

Hi, I'm Lesley

I previously worked for 10 years at a busy veterinary practice where I gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge about animals.  I then went on to set up Kitty Kare as a new business in 2002 because I felt there was a need for a different option to boarding catteries, particularly for elderly or infirm cats, diabetic cats or very nervous cats.  Word very quickly spread and Kitty Kare now has a small team of pet sitters covering most of the Derby area.

Kitty Kare is now owned by Jenny but I am still part of the team and still do cat visits in my local area.

I have 5 cats of my own, 4 of which were rescued by Beccy.  3 of them were hand reared by Beccy and myself from when they were just a few days old. 

My other interests include photography, digital imaging, cooking, walking and swimming.

(Please see our Facebook Page for cats and kittens that we are currently trying to re-home).

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Rebecca Read

Hilton . Hatton . Etwall

My name is Beccy. As well as working as a Kitty Kare pet sitter I am a veterinary nurse and have worked in a variety of veterinary practices since qualifying in 1994. Over the years I have acquired many animals. At the moment we have three cats (lovely moggys) and 2 dogs.

I still work part time as a vet nurse for an emergency veterinary clinic in Derby. I am passionate about animals and I have hand reared, fostered and re homed many needy kittens and cats over the years.

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Please see our Kitty Kare Facebook Page for details of cats and kittens that we are currently trying to re-home.  www.facebook.com/kittykarepaws


Susan Powell

Mickleover . Littleover . Etwall . Sutton on the Hill

Hi I'm Susan.  I live in Mickleover with my husband and our two rescue Burmese cats, Rupert and Lily.


I have lived in Mickleover all my life.  My earliest memory is of living with a large ginger cat, and there have always been cats in my life ever since.   Over the years I have had to deal with many sick cats and have therefore become experienced in all the different ways of giving medication to cats.


I am retired from my job as a Physiotherapy assistant at the Derby Hospitals and can now indulge my love of cats by working for Kitty Kare and being able to care for your cats whilst you are away.


My other interests include reading, gardening, and walking.

Mickleover  Littleover  Allestree  Normanton

Marie Birchall

I am Derby born and bred and have lived in Mickleover for the past 24 years.


My first involvement with cats was when an affectionate mature stray female found me a few years ago and I absolutely fell in love with her.  When she passed away, my husband and I decided to offer a retirement home to older cats that are often overlooked.   As a result this lovely black cutie, Tinkerbelle (in the photo), was adopted from the RSPCA.

Kitty Kare looks after Tinkerbelle for us when we go away and it gives us confidence that our cat is always in safe hands.  We have been very impressed with the attention to detail and we are given complete peace of mind by Kitty Kare.  

I love cats and all animals and am therefore very happy to now be a part of the Kitty Kare team.

My other interests include walking, travelling and musical theatre.


Suzie Phillips

Mackworth.  Mickleover . Littleover

I'm Suzie  and I work part-time for Kitty Kare, mainly covering the Mickleover area.


I have known Jenny and Lesley as friends for many years and we all worked together at the vets.


As well as working for Kitty Kare, I have, (for the past 15 years), worked at a busy veterinary surgery, and enjoy the work very much.


I now have several regular Kitty Kare clients who's cats know me as their surrogate mum. I have become very attached to all the lovely cats in my care, and enjoy looking after them very much. The cats also give back so much affection that it makes the job thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.

Carole Palmer

  • West Hallam . Stanley . Oakwood . Chaddesden . Borrowash 

Hi I’m Carole and I live in West Hallam. This is me with one of my cats, Oscar. Lucy was a little camera shy!


Apart from my absolute love of cats my other hobbies are going to watch The Rams to which I have been a season ticket holder now for several years. I also enjoy going to the gym, growing plants for my garden from seeds, reading and of course looking after your cats whilst you are away.

Sue Horsfall

Oakwood . Chaddesden . Chester Green

I have lived in Oakwood for 27 years and we have always had a cat around the home. My first priority after booking any holiday is Coco's care.  Knowing she is safe and being cared for means we can enjoy our break.  I love animals of all shapes and sizes.  I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and to see many places... and I always seem to be found by a 'holiday' cat!


Other interests, when not at work, are painting, sewing, silversmithing and reading.


Helping Kitty Kare gives me time to enjoy and fuss all the different varieties of cats and enjoy their funny ways without bringing them all home with me.  Some cats I have looked after for 11 years now so I have an extended cat family!


Samantha Charlton. 

Spondon . Chaddesden . Oakwood . Borrowash

My name is Sam and my interest in animals of all shapes and sizes started way back when I was 14.


I have completed a Small Animal Care Certificate course at Broomfield Colleges and have worked for the RSPCA and as a receptionist/ care assistant for an emergency vets. 


I have hand reared baby hedgehogs, rabbits and sooo many kittens. I have also nursed a severely injured cat back to health resulting in him now being a permanent fixture in my home.   Douglas (3 legs) rules the roost. Bossing both my 2 year old German Shepherd and me around demanding Dreamies. 


My other interests include walking my dog, reading and going to the gym. 

Helen McCarrick

Chellaston . Alvaston . Thulston .

Shelton Lock . Aston On Trent

After years of working behind a desk I am now lucky to be looking after cats. 


I have shared my home with a cat ever since my childhood and can't imagine life without them!


I have lived in Derby since 1992 with my husband and a series of cats.  We were adopted by the little stray bandit, Zorro, a few years ago.  He was living rough but now enjoys a life of of luxury!   This is a picture of me with Zorro.


For me it is always a privilage and a pleasure to meet and care for a cat and working for Kitty Kare gives me the opportunity to care for lots of different lovely cats, without taking them all home with me!


My other interests include gardening, walking in the counryside and cooking.

Katherine Boxell

Chellaston.  Alvaston. Allenton.  Shelton Lock. 

Hello, My name is Katherine and I live in Chellaston.

I first came across Kitty Kare almost six years ago when I was looking for bespoke holiday cover for my elderly cats and rabbits.  Over the years Kitty Kare staff have become part of the family and I am delighted to have now been invited to become part of the much respected team.

I am very aware of the importance of trust when it comes to caring for 'loved ones' and have traditionally been employed to provide nursery education to pre-school children.

I have always been fortunate enough to own pets, and I would be comfortable adjusting to any array of furry friends that require love and reassurance whilst their owners are away on their travels.  



Amy Hudson

Littleover . Mickleover . 

My name is Amy and I live in Littleover.


Growing up I have always had pets, including cats, dogs and guinea pigs. I currently have 2 rescue cats (via Becky) who are very spoiled - Alfie and Poppy. 

I have also helped with hand rearing 3 orphan kittens who are now very healthy and happy.  This is me bottle feeding baby George. 

I love all animals of any shape and size, so I was very grateful when the opportunity arose to work for Kitty Kare!

I've known Lesley for a very long time and often look after her cats when she is away, and Jenny looks after Alfie and Poppy when we go away.

As well as working part-time for Kitty Kare, I am a qualified teacher, and mum to our 2 year old daughter.


My interests include animals, music, reading and baking.


Sarah Herbert

Etwall. Willington. Littleover. Highfields. Mickleover. 

Hello. I'm Sarah and I have always loved cats. 

We have 2 of our own, who are siblings.  Ed (in the photo) and Flo. We adopted them 5 years ago from the Cats Protection when they were kittens.

I have known Jenny for years and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work for

Kitty Kare.  In my spare time I enjoy walking, gardening, reading and baking.

Julia Ward  

Littleover . Mickleover . Etwall . Derby . Normanton .


I have lived in Littleover for nearly 30 years and have always loved cats.  My first cat came from a farm and was quite a character - I was hooked.

Since then I've had rescue cats, or they have just turned up at my door and asked to be looked after!  At the moment my three cats are all boys.   Archie, the youngest, tries to get the older boys, Barnie and Fonzy, to play with him, but all they want to do is sleep in the sun.


I jumped at the opportunity to join the Kitty Kare team when I retired so that I can share my love of cats, enjoy and look after them while you are away.


My other interests include Art, music, walking and gardening.

Not Currently working

Jen Phillips

Central Derby . Mickleover .

I'm Jen, I've lived in Mickleover my whole life and known Lesley since I was a baby, as her and my mum have been friends forever!


I don't have any pets myself at the moment (much to my dismay), but I really enjoy looking after them for other people. I love the affection they give and love getting to know their individual characters.


I gained a great deal of experience with cats and various other pets from working at a large vets practice in Derby for 8 years. I also grew up with a pet dog and rabbits and fish, so I understand the importance of our furry friends.


In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing netball and baking cakes!

Not Currently working

Not Currently working

Kati Packington  

Mackworth . Allestree . Mickleover

My name is Kati and I have just moved to my first house in Mackworth after living in Mickleover from childhood.

Throughout my life my family have always had various pets including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and hamsters. 

I love how all pets have their own characters and always fill the house with life.

All pets deserve the best care and Kitty Kare is a brilliant way for your pets to get the care and affection they need whilst you are away.  It is a pleasure getting to know your feline friends and building a relationship with them.

My interests include animals, running and walking with dogs, baking and home crafts.